We Can Do It! Wednesday

Hello again Royal families! Our R.O.A.R topic for Wednesdays is on building resilience. We have added it to our school code as it is such an important quality for all of us to develop, especially now during COVID-19. Each Wednesday I will share some strategies you can use to help your child feel secure, calm, and more confident in handling the worries and challenges of at home learning.

Sometimes it’s hard for adults to know what to say or do to ease a child’s worries,
especially during times of change and uncertainty. As the most important big people in
their world, parents and caregivers can help children feel safer and soften the sharp
edges of whatever is happening to make their worries grow.
” (EASE Program )

EASE, which stands for “Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators” has been adapted by the BC Ministry of Education for families to use at home. I will add a link to a weekly topic for you to explore with your children. The first one outlines the importance of including simple calming routines into a daily schedule that works for the needs of your family. Here are two versions of this information suitable for different age levels.



As always, if you or your children would like to share stories of ways you have faced worries or problems, or simply showing your “WE CAN DO IT!” attitude, please email kgonzales@prn.bc.ca. Also, please let us know ways we can help support your family during this trying time.

Terrific Tuesday

Welcome to TERRIFIC TUESDAY, the day we will showcase terrific projects done by students and staff. It’s a way to develop our curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity as we imagine, design, measure, build, draw, paint and play.

This week RO’s “rocking it” with painting rocks for our Earth Day challenge. Our office has turned into quite the workshop thanks to Mrs. McCracken and Mrs.Collins and it’s been exciting to see families out looking for the rocks that have already been hidden around our school grounds. We will post pictures of all the rocks later this week, but here’s a few hidden by one of our students. (See her clues below-Ms Sihlis and Ms Eldridge found one!)

In keeping with the Earth Day theme, Ms Lis has given her class the TERRIFIC task of a directed drawing of “The Lorax”. Here’s Ms Lis with instructions. Follow along and draw one of your own.

Next, we have some TERRIFIC builders in Mrs. Tewari’s class. Here are some birdhouses they created for Earth Day.

Finally, here’s this week’s SD60 MakerSpace project for you to try presented by Ms Conway. Looks like lots of fun!

If you have any TERRIFIC projects you would like to share, please send pictures or videos to kgonzales@prn.bc.ca.

Royal Fridays

Friday is a great day of the week to showcase our Royal talents and Royal TEAM spirit, so welcome to Royal Fridays!

This week we are featuring ROYAL READERS!

Here are Mrs. Gonzales, Mrs. Scheck (former RO Principal) and Mrs. Dressler sharing our love of reading in School District 60s Livestream Primary Read-a-louds.

If you’d love to share your Royal Reading talent, send audio or videos to kgonzales@prn.bc.ca .

Thankful Thursday

Did you know that being grateful can help us cope through hard times, ease worry and give us hope? Despite the challenges and worries surrounding COVID-19, we have much to be thankful for, so we’re calling today “Thankful Thursday”. RO Staff has started a gratitude jar to write down some of our thankful thoughts, maybe you’d like to do the same!

Although staff are all still dearly missing our students, we are thankful for the chance to connect with many of you virtually and see all the great pictures of your learning at home.

What are you thankful for? To share some of your ideas: e-mail kgonzales@prn.bc.ca (can also include pictures or videos). Here’s a grateful list from these students:

Jachin and Cherlaya- Grade 2
Lexi- Grade 4

To learn more about the importance of saying thank you and the gift of gratitude, read this information from Heart-Mind Education: https://heartmindonline.org/resources/say-thank-you-the-gift-of-gratitude

Earth Day Challenge

Happy Earth Day RO Royals!

Miss Madarasz and Miss White painted these rocks this morning here at RO!

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day campaigns, though we know every day is a good day to celebrate, respect and care for our planet. This year, we have a challenge for interested RO students and staff to complete by the end of April:

  1. Paint a rock (or 2 or more) and write on a positive word or statement, include (RO School) on the back.
  2. Send a picture of you with your rock(s) or just your rock(s) to kgonzales@prn.bc.ca to include in our ROYALS – at Home photo album (launching this week)
  3. Place the rock(s) out in the community for someone to find, spreading messages of joy and hope to our community.

Here are some ideas for messages you could include! https://www.ilovepaintedrocks.com/2018/05/kindness-rock-project-painting-ideas-saying.html

Guess the Pet!

Can you guess who each pet belongs to?

There are pets from the following staff members: Ms. Phillips, Ms. Green, Mrs. DeGroot, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Lamond, Ms. Saccary, Mrs. Klassen, Ms. Novak, Mrs. Wrixon, Miss Bath, Miss Lis, Mrs. Kenyon, Mrs. Myles, Mrs. Parrill, Mrs. Gallant, Mrs. Lang, and Ms. Eldridge!

The student who has the most correct guesses by 3:00 pm on Friday, April 24th will win a prize from Mrs. DeGroot and Mrs. Gonzales!

Please fill out this form to submit your guess.