Earth Day Challenge

Happy Earth Day RO Royals!

Miss Madarasz and Miss White painted these rocks this morning here at RO!

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day campaigns, though we know every day is a good day to celebrate, respect and care for our planet. This year, we have a challenge for interested RO students and staff to complete by the end of April:

  1. Paint a rock (or 2 or more) and write on a positive word or statement, include (RO School) on the back.
  2. Send a picture of you with your rock(s) or just your rock(s) to to include in our ROYALS – at Home photo album (launching this week)
  3. Place the rock(s) out in the community for someone to find, spreading messages of joy and hope to our community.

Here are some ideas for messages you could include!