• Ski Trip

    Our ski trip to Worsley for Thursday, February 26 is still going ahead!  The forecast for Worsley Ski Hill is for warmer temperatures (-13 degrees) and no wind at the Ski Hill.  Do make sure your child has lots of layers of clothing and is dressed warmly.

  • StrongStart Calendars

    I am including the StrongStart calendars for our centre for the months of March and April.  These calendars will also be posted around the school.  The calendars for Duncan Cran’s StrongStart are also posted in our school.  Calendars for the WOW bus can be found in the school as well.  Come and see our StrongStart,

  • PAC fundraiser

    We are doing another fundraiser. We have chosen to do Scoops Cookie Dough instead of Purdy’s Chocolates. There has been a higher request for cookie dough than the chocolates. We are also selling the cookie dough now so it will be here before Spring Break and also for Easter.

  • Science Fair

    On Friday, Feb. 13 Robert Ogilvie held a very successful Science Fair.  Students from grades 3 to 7 were excited and proud to show off their work on their Science Fair projects.  We would like to thank Mr.

  • Candy Grams

    Thanks to all of our school community for their support for our Leadership Club’s candy grams!  The Leadership Club sold 964 candy grams at 25 cents each and raised $241!  Well done!  Thanks to Mrs. Taillefer,