• Thankful Thursday

    We’ve all been trying to keep up our “attitude of gratitude” and are so amazed by the pictures and videos students have sent in this week to show yours as well. ROYAL hearts are THANKFUL hearts!

  • We Can Do It! Wednesday

    Hello again Royal families! Our R.O.A.R topic for Wednesdays is on building resilience. We have added it to our school code as it is such an important quality for all of us to develop, especially now during COVID-19.

  • Terrific Tuesday

    Welcome to TERRIFIC TUESDAY, the day we will showcase terrific projects done by students and staff. It’s a way to develop our curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity as we imagine, design, measure, build, draw, paint and play.

  • Royal Fridays

    Friday is a great day of the week to showcase our Royal talents and Royal TEAM spirit, so welcome to Royal Fridays!

    This week we are featuring ROYAL READERS!

    Here are Mrs. Gonzales, Mrs. Scheck (former RO Principal) and Mrs.

  • Thankful Thursday

    Did you know that being grateful can help us cope through hard times, ease worry and give us hope? Despite the challenges and worries surrounding COVID-19, we have much to be thankful for, so we’re calling today “Thankful Thursday”.

  • Earth Day Challenge

    Happy Earth Day RO Royals!

    Miss Madarasz and Miss White painted these rocks this morning here at RO!

    Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day campaigns, though we know every day is a good day to celebrate,

  • Guess the Pet!

    Can you guess who each pet belongs to?

    There are pets from the following staff members: Ms. Phillips, Ms. Green, Mrs. DeGroot, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Lamond, Ms. Saccary, Mrs. Klassen, Ms. Novak, Mrs. Wrixon, Miss Bath,