RO Speech Contest

Congratulations to the following students who entered our school Speech Contest on May 12: Sarah McCaig, Caleb Ragan, Tenisha Henrickson, Storm Jorgensen, Teressa Boring, Dayne Fellers, Ethan Elliott, Miah O’Neil-Simpson, Anthony Nelligan, Kathleen Sharpe and Devyn Batter.  Further congratulations to Storm Jorgensen whose speech was entitled ‘The Dentist’, Kathleen Sharpe with her speech ‘Rosa Parks’ and Miah O’Neil Simpson with her speech ‘Canadian Child Poverty’ who all earned Honourable Mention.  Our three award winning students (and their placement) who will represent Robert Ogilvie at the District Speech Contest on May 21 are Teressa Boring with her speech ‘Stephanie Meyers’ in third place, Anthony Nelligan with his speech ‘Technology’ in second place and Devyn Batter with her speech ‘Animal Testing’ in first place.  Thank you also to the judges for our Speech Contest: District of Fire Chief Mike Ryder, City Councilor Larry Evans and AHCOTE Faculty Associate Paula London.  Thanks to Mrs. Taillefer for organizing the Speech Contest!