Science Fair

On Friday, Feb. 13 Robert Ogilvie held a very successful Science Fair.  Students from grades 3 to 7 were excited and proud to show off their work on their Science Fair projects.  We would like to thank Mr. Smith and his students from NPSS as well as Mrs. Philpot, Mrs. Dressler, Cnst. Ingham, Mr. Hein, and Mrs. Davenport who acted as judges for the projects in the morning.  In the afternoon classes and families came to view the projects in the gym.  All students should be proud of their work on their projects.  At 2 p.m. we were very pleased to announce the winners for our Science Fair.   Honorable Mention went to Kathleen Coulter, Eryn Stickel, Carlie Dunn and Laura Martin, Brittney Lee, Julia McCabe and Destiny Morgan, Rikki-Lynn Langenhoff and Nekeesha Holden, Kay-Leigh Sebastian and Reena Bidulka, and Carol-lyn Kitt.  Students who will be representing Robert Ogilvie at the Regional Science Fair on Mar. 10 at NPSS and their projects are as follows: Shenay Hoecherl and Iqra Barlas for ‘Eye of Your Brain’, Colson Fellers for ‘Going Waste Free’, Anthony Nelligan for ‘Science of Paper Airplanes’, Brandon Campbell for ‘Soapy Business’, Dayne Fellers for ‘To Eat or Not to Eat’, Keeanna Holden for ‘Fossil Imprints’, Kyla Wass for ‘U, Me and UV’, Chase Amon and Connor Powers for ‘Corrosion’,  Trystin Clarkson for ‘Spin Right Around’, Darcey Wallace for ‘What Will Keep Cut Flowers Alive Longer?’, Randy Langenhoff for ‘Fire and Plastic’, Courtney Braconnier for ‘The Plant Experiment’, Ariel Keough for ‘Solar Powered Water Filter’ and Ryan Good for ‘Fresh Fruit’.  Congratulations to all of our winners!  A special thank you to Mrs. DeGroot for organizing and running our Science Fair.  Check out some photos from the Science Fair below.


Some of our winners!


Matthew McMullin and his project.


Wolfgang Dressler and his exciting project!


Randy Langenhoff and ‘Fire and Plastic’.


Trystin Clarkson showing his neat project to Andrew Napoleon.


Aleesa Davenport with her project.


Rikki-Lyn Langenhoff and Nekeesha Holden with their project.


Grant and Monquie Funk showing off their hard work.


Caleb Van Unen with his project.


Ocean Becker-Reimer showing off her hard work.


Dayne Fellers telling us about his project.


Colson Fellers with some important information for us in his project.


Anthony Nelligan and his ‘high flying’ project!


Courtney Braconnier and her plant experiment.


Brady Jackman wiling to share about his project.


Laura Martin and Carlie Dunn with their project.


Shenay Hoecherl and Iqra Barlas with their project ‘Eye of Your Brain’.