Science Fair results

Students had a great day at the Science Fair on Thursday, March 6.  Thank you to Mrs. DeGroot for organizing this year’s Science Fair and to Mr. Smith and the NPSS students who judged projects.  Congratulations to the following students who have been chosen to represent Robert Ogilvie in the Regional Science Fair in Dawson Creek on April 2.

Colson Fellers with his project, ‘Will the Fumes Stop the Blooms?’,

Matthew Wass with his project, ‘DNA’,

Shenay Hoecherl with her project, ‘Use Your Brain’,

Laura Martin with her project, ‘Effects of Oil Spills’,

Keenan Kuharski with his project, ‘Shaping Your Thoughts’,

Ryan Good with his project, ‘Budget Batteries’,

Keeanna Holden with her project, ‘Fingerprints’,

Dayne Fellers with his project, ‘Clean Me Germ Free’,

Brittney Lee with her project, ‘Stain Busters’,

Ethan Elliott with his project, ‘Moo Glue’,

Sierra Kennedy with her project, ‘Pollution’,

Trystin Clarkson with his project, ‘Are Laminates Stronger’,

Connor Powers with his project, ‘Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz’,

Dakota Leitch with his project, ‘Heat Absorption’,

Anthony Nelligan with his project, ‘Bridge the Gap’,

Allyson Knight with her project, ‘H2O or Detergent’,

Devon Shelkie with his project, ‘Magnet Energy’,

Graham Morrison and Randy Langenhoff with their project, ‘Growing Crystals’.

Honourable Mention was awarded to Josh Malanowich with his project, ‘Mouse Trap’.