Speech Contest photos

Here are some photos of our Speech Contest participants.


This is all the contestants in our school Speech Contest and our two MCs: left to right: Ethan Elliott,  Elliott Knight (MC), Sarah McCaig, Dayne Fellers, Caleb Ragan, Terressa Boring, Miah O’Neil-Simpson, Devyn Batter, Kathleen Sharpe, Anthony Nelligan, Tenisha Henrickson, Storm Jorgenson and Bree Mytron (MC).


Here are our three place winners and Honourable Mention winners: left to right: Storm Jorgenson (Honourable Mention), Anthony Nelligan (2nd place), Miah O’Neil-Simpson  (Honourable Mention), Devyn Batter (1st place), Kathleen Sharpe (Honourable Mention) and Terressa Boring (3rd place).