Thank you, PAC!

With your support, the PAC’s Cookie Dough fundraiser raised $3 150 for our school.  Thank you!  Top sellers in each class received a t-shirt as a thank you for their hard work.  The top sellers were Abbie Ellie in Mrs. Shuster’s class, Bhreagh Dowe in Mrs. Brooks’ class, Gabriel Evenden in Mrs. Morrison’s class, Brandon Modde in Mrs. Forster and Mrs. Wilson’s class, Tegan Huk in Ms Gauthier’s class, Nathan Dunn in Mrs. Lee’s class, Dhillon Bouck in Mrs. Churchill’s class, Rikki-Lynn Langenhoff in Mr. Halliday’s class, Ryan Wilson in Mrs. Finter and Mrs. Stringer’s class, Shailynn Bloye in Mr. North’s class, Alex Mooring in Mrs. DeGroot’s class, Destiny Morgan in Mrs. Wever’s class, and Anthony Nelligan in Mrs. Taillefer’s class.  Thank you to all students who worked hard on the fundraiser and a special thank you to Mrs. Bloye who organized the fundraiser for the PAC.