We Can Do It! Wednesday

Hello again Royal families! This week’s resilience building topic covers the importance of finding and coping with feelings. Check out these links from EASE which gives simple but timely advice on helping children understand the mix of feelings they may be experiencing at this time. EASE at Home K to 3_Finding Feelings and EASE at Home 4 to 7_Finding Feelings

Heart-Mind online has further tips and Information: “Build a “feelings first-aid kit” by learning 3 evidence-based practices to combat common triggers of emotional overwhelm for young and school-aged children.” https://heartmindonline.org/resources/feelings-first-aid

If you or your children would like to share stories of ways you have faced worries or problems, or simply showing your “WE CAN DO IT!” attitude, please email kgonzales@prn.bc.ca. Also, please let us know ways we can help support your family during this trying time.