Winter Activity Day – Reminders

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Winter Activity Day (formerly known as Cabin Fever Day).

Kindergarten classes are going bowling in the morning. The remaining students are participating in either swimming, bowling, gymnastics, Indigenous arts & crafts, or spheros/3D pens in the afternoon. Students have already submitted permission forms for swimming, bowling and gymnastics. Indigenous arts & crafts and spheros/3D pens do not require forms. There are no changes. The school is covering the costs of the activities and busing.

Swimmers – need to bring their swimsuit, towel and something to carry it in. If they would like a locker, they need to bring a quarter or two.

Bowlers – need to wear clothing they can bend in.

Gymnasts – long hair needs to be tied back. Jewelry should stay home. Clothing cannot have zippers, buckles or snaps. Shirts need to be snug so that they stay put when they are upside down. Shorts or sweatpants should not fall down easily.

We are looking forward to participating in a school-wide activity day. It has been a few years since we were able to have one.