• Winners of Cookie Dough Sales

    With the recent PAC’s Cookie Dough sales, the top salesperson in each class received $15 in coupons for the movie theatre.  The top sellers in each class were Lillianna Green in Mrs. Shuster’s class, Julia […]

  • PAC fundraiser

    We are doing another fundraiser. We have chosen to do Scoops Cookie Dough instead of Purdy’s Chocolates. There has been a higher request for cookie dough than the chocolates. We are also selling the cookie […]

  • Thank you, PAC!

    With your support, the PAC’s Cookie Dough fundraiser raised $3 150 for our school.  Thank you!  Top sellers in each class received a t-shirt as a thank you for their hard work.  The top sellers […]

  • Please help

    PAC needs your help with the latest fundraiser.  Please read the attached note to find out where, when and how ! request-from-your-pac.pdf

  • Please help out!

    Please read the attached short newsletter from our PAC, requesting your support to complete our playground on Friday, Sept. 26, 2008. a-message-from-our-pac-sept23.pdf

  • Message from PAC

    Attached is a message from our PAC.  They are looking for help to complete the work on our playground for Saturday, June 14.  Come out and help for an hour or so! robert-ogilvie-pac-needs.pdf

  • The Media and our Children

    What is the effect of our ever increasing media on our children and our families?  If you were not able to be at Kym Stewart’s presentation last night, please take a moment to read her […]

  • Media Education workshop for parents

    Be sure to mark your calendar for a presentation by Kym Stewart, an expert in the area of Media Education and our students.  Kym has studied students and the effects of media on them for […]

  • PAC meeting

    The next PAC meeting will be on Tuesday, June 12 at 7 p.m. in the library. Come out and support your PAC as it wraps up this year and looks ahead to next year.